• Guy Kawasaki - The Top Ten Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs
    UPDATE: We received alot of positive feedback to our posting of Guy Kawasaki's Spring, 2013 talk at the UC Berkeley Startup Competition (Bplan). The former chief evangelist of Apple and co-founder of Garage Technology Ventures is such a good speaker that you wanted to hear more of him.  He was the keynote speaker at the first Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup Business Plan...

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  • You Are Good Enough by Marilyn Tam

    Posted by Marilyn Tam


    You Are Good Enough

    By Marilyn Tam


    They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them. 

     ~Mahatma Gandhi


                Are you good enough? Most people harbor feelings that somehow if people really knew who they are, they will not like them. This nagging feeling buzzes in the brain like small yet powerfully irritating mosquitoes, ready to sting at any moment, undermining our confidence to claim our rightful place at the table. This sense of insecurity can be negatively self-fulfilling and very destructive because it robs us of the confidence and courage to forge ahead on achieving our dreams. The choice to change is in our own hands.

                Being an unwanted child I was told from as early as I can recall that I was worthless, not a good start to building self-esteem. Yet eventually I learned to trust my inner knowing that each person is worthwhile just as they are. Self-respect gave me the strength and resilience to leave home in my mid teens and come to America, and to succeed in business, humanitarian work and in life.  How did that happen? I was blessed along the way with angels who told me that I was OK. We all have those angels in our lives when we look for them.

                My first angel was my grandfather who gave me my Chinese name, Hay Lit, the names of two powerful emperors in China’s history. One emperor was respected for his compassion and wisdom in governance and the other known for his prowess and strategy in war. It was a most unusual name for a girl, but for some unknown reason my grandfather chose this remarkable name for his third granddaughter. He died when I was seven so I never had the chance to ask him why. But the fact that someone thought I was worthy of such a legendary name fortified me when the outside world was telling me I was trash.

                You too have your own angel(s), who believe in you, whether it is a family member, a teacher, a spiritual figure or friend. Keep their support in your...

  • Best Albondigas and Hot Mint Tea In Arcos, Spain by Sarah Woo

    Posted by Admin


    October, 2012

    This month food blogger and recent law school grad Sarah Woo shares the many tastes and sights as she travels through Spain. Here are her photos of some of her most memorable meals so far.

    For her full story on her food adventures in Spain go to her delicious food blog at 

    Excerpts from Sarah's blog: "I watched carefully as Oscar, the owner and my waiter, held a kettle of mint tea high in the air, pouring the tea into a glass, pouring the tea back into the kettle,

    and repeating the process several times. Para mezclar, he said."

    "I dropped into a chair in a nondescript place where a few Spanish men were chatting with the female owner behind the bar. She walked me over to the bar and showed me some of the hot tapas available: Albondigas, mushrooms, pork in tomato sauce. I got it all, with some cheap white wine. It was a perfect meal-the closest I’ve felt to “homemade” since coming to Spain."

     The best albondigas dish Sarah had ever tasted was at this Tapas bar in Spain. A perfect meal on a rainy day.

     For more of Sarah's travels in Spain go to her official website: Sarah also is a contributing food writer for


















    Hot Mint Tea with Fresh Mint in Arcos, Spain  Photo by Sarah Woo 

    Best Albondigas Dish at a Tapas Bar in Arcos, Spain  Photo by Sarah Woo




















    Chewy but tender Octopus Galician Style in Andalucia, Spain  Photo by Sarah Woo













  • MacArthur Foundation announces 2012 Fellows with $500,000 support - Congratulations to Maurice Lim Miller and An-My Le

    Posted by Suzanne Kai


    Congratulations to Maurice Lim Miller, and An-My Le. Both have been selected as 2012 MacArthur Fellows which carries a $500,000 no-strings-attached support.

    MacArthur Foundation announced today 23 new MacArthur Fellows for 2012. The recipients learned, through a phone call out of the blue from the Foundation, that they will each receive $500,000 in no-strings-attached support over the next five years.

    One of the recipients is Oakland, California's Maurice Lim Miller, 66, a leader in the development of services and systems designed to break the cycle of economic dependency for low-income families across the United States.  

    Frustrated by the frequent recidivism into poverty he witnessed during his two decades with Asian Neighborhood Design, an agency focused on tenant rights, job training, and youth development, Lim Miller founded the Family Independence Initiative (FII) in 2001 with the goal of helping low-income working families—who often struggle in isolated circumstances or without clear direction—build their own pathways to self-sufficiency. FII has evolved into a national model that taps into the initiative and capability of low-income households to maximize their own networks and resources and guide themselves out of poverty.

    An-My Le, 52, from Annandale-on-Hudson, New York also received a phone call that she is a new 2012 MacArthur Fellow. She is a photographer approaching the subjects of war and landscape from ew perspectives to create images that blur the boundaries between fact and fiction and are rich with layers of meaning. Read more about the twenty-three MacArthur Fellows online at:

    Working across a broad spectrum of endeavors, the Fellows include a pediatric neurosurgeon, a marine ecologist, a journalist, a photographer, an optical physicist and astronomer, a stringed-instrument bow maker, a geochemist, a fiction writer, and an arts entrepreneur. All were selected for their creativity,...

  • Nov. 15: Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Hosts 1st Annual Varli Culinary Awards with Co-hosts Manu Narayan and Pooja Kumar in New York

    Posted by Lia Chang

    Manu Narayan Photo by Lia Chang

    After much-acclaimed success with Varli Magazine, the Varli Food Festival, and the Varli Cook-Off, the Varli brand continues to expand its reach with the first annual Varli Culinary Awards on November 15, 2012, at The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St. in New York.

    The evening will be hosted by internationally acclaimed Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, along with Bombay Dream star Manu Narayan (The Love Guru), fresh from his electrifying turn as Richard Roma in La Jolla Playhouse’s revival of Glengarry Glen Ross, and Pooja Kumar (Vishwaroop, Man on A Ledge).

    Vikas Khanna (Photo by Lia Chang)

    The highly esteemed panel of judges includes celebrity judges, renowned food correspondents, and culinary experts such as Vikas Khanna, Jehangir Mehta, Monica Bhide, Rajesh Bhardwaj, Prasad Chirnomula, Hari Nayak.

    This revolutionary concept will be the first global awards event honoring the best culinary talent in an array of categories related to Indian cuisine. “It was time to give credit where credit’s due. We really wanted to recognize and applaud the contributions and amazing achievements of Indian chefs, restaurateurs, and key influencers on the international culinary stage,” says Varli Singh, founder of the Varli brand.

    In continuation of Varli’s mission to universally promote Indian cuisine, contestants spaning the U.S., India, Middle East, and Europe will compete in numerous categories including “Best Chef of the Year”, “Best Cookbook”, and “Best Restaurant”. Awards are divided into three different types based on the complexity of judging, and competitiveness of the contestant pool: “People’s Choice” categories (voting began on July 04, 2012), categories determined by a ‘Live Competition and/or a “Panel of Judges” and “Varli’s Choice”. There will also be a ‘Public Recipe Competition’ where amateur cooks from around the world can submit any original rice-based recipe (as a tribute to the...

  • Mu Performing Arts’ Artistic Director Rick Shiomi takes home Ivey Award for Lifetime Achievement

    Posted by Lia Chang

    Kudos to Rick Shiomi, an award-winning Japanese Canadian playwright, director and the Artistic Director of Mu Performing Arts, for receiving the 2012 Ivey Award for Lifetime Achievement, at the 8th annual Ivey Awards, which were held at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN on Monday, September 24, 2012.

    Mu Performing Arts’ Artistic director Rick Shiomi, the 2012 Ivey Award recipient for Lifetime Achievement at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. on Monday, September 24, 2012. Photo by Kurt Moses

    “This award is truly a recognition of the talented performers, writers and directors that have gathered at Mu. It’s only through many wonderful Mu productions such as Into The Woods, Little Shop of Horrors, Yellow Face,Asiamnesia and Flower Drum Song that a company such as Mu Performing Arts can have the impact warranting such recognition,” said Shiomi.

    Mu Performing Arts Artistic Director Rick Shiomi shares his 2012 Ivey Award for Lifetime Achievement with his Mu Performing Arts family backstage at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. on September 24, 2012. Photo by Kurt Moses

    There are no set categories for the Iveys, the Twin Cities’ annual celebration which honors and showcases the work of professional theater companies and artists over the past year. The Lifetime Achievement Award for Shiomi and the Emerging Artist Award, which was presented to Isabel Nelson, a performer, director, and theatre creator, are the only predetermined awards.

    Mu Performing Arts Artistic Director Rick Shiomi, the 2012 Ivey Award recipient for Lifetime Achievement, gets a congratulatory hug from Don Eitel, his managing director of Mu, backstage at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. on September 24, 2012. Photo by Kurt Moses

    The four productions and six individuals who were also recognized with 2012 Iveys were chosen based on evaluations completed by the more than 150 volunteer theater evaluators who saw more than 1,000 performances in the Minneapolis-St....

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