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  • Catching Up: Santana, Taj Mahal and a déjà vu ‘Blue Christmas’

    Posted by Ben Fong-Torres

    Catching Up: Santana, Taj Mahal and a déjà vu ‘Blue Christmas’
    By Ben Fong-Torres It’s short shrift time. I have a life that’s ripe (and slightly wrinkled) for blogs and tweeting; for facebooking and updating. I’m just no good at it. My last column here on AsianConnections was about the memorial in late July for my sister Shirley. My last posting on the authors’ site, Redroom, was about a radio promo tour I did (20 stops, all on the phone...

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  • Astronaut Leroy Chiao's Space Blog- Beijing

    Posted by Admin

    Astronaut Leroy Chiao's Space Blog-Beijing: I finally shot a decent picture of Beijing. It is surprisingly difficult! There is often dense smog in the Eastern coastal areas of China, and visibility gets even worse with low sun angles. So, everything has to be right for the shot to even be set up correctly. I was also fortunate with this pass, that the weather was clear and there was light snow cover on the ground, enhancing the view of the city. This is a 400mm shot, I wanted to get the whole core of the city inside of the frame.

  • Astronaut Leroy Chiao's Space Blog-Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece

    Posted by Admin

    Astronaut Leroy Chiao's Space Blog-Greece: I had read about the Rion-Antirion bridge in Greece, which was recently completed. By some definitions, it is the worlds largest suspension bridge. I had first noticed it at night, each of the pylons was glowing blue as we flew over. I managed a photo some time later, using a 180mm lens, but I wanted to see the details using an 800mm. Finally, the weather, our orbital track and the daylight cycle came together and I was able to get this shot. The detail is striking. One can see the suspension cables on the bridge.