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  • Hallyu: Riding the Korean Wave

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    Hallyu: Riding the Korean Wave
    If you know Rain, BoA (shown left), and Sistar, then you already know K-Pop, Korea’s contemporary pop music and its artists. K-Pop music is one of the fastest growing music genres in the world, and along with Korea’s popular TV drama serials, films and comic books are a growing source of export revenue for Korea.   The growing global fan base of Korea's entertainment and...

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  • Recession Turns Homes into Classrooms

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    Unemployment and the long wait lists for preschool are prompting some Chinese parents, whove traditionally valued education, to turn to a new way to teach and care for their toddlers preschool at home. News feature by New America Media reporter NAMs Vivian Po.

  • Chinese Immigrants Lead Call for College Access

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    OAKLAND, Calif. -- English-language learners have the lowest scores on the California High School Exit Exam and the lowest rates of college attendance in the state. Zhuanyi Deng hopes to change all that.

    New America Media Education Editor Carolyn Ji Jong reports.

  • Los Angeles Chapter ASCEND Conference Highlights

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    Members of the Asian American business, accounting and finance community gathered in Los Angeles to rethink how they will do business in the future.

    This is their second annual event since the founding last year of the LA Chapter of ASCEND, a non-profit organization which has ten professional chapters, 16 student chapters and more than 4,500 members nationally.

  • The Climate Gap - Poor, Minorities Hardest Hit by Climate Change

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    People who live in neighborhoods with dirtier air and water - usually low-income and ethnic minorities -- will bear the brunt of climate change, according to a report released today.

    Climate change will increase pollution, harm public health, raise the costs of food, energy and water, and result in job losses, with the greatest burden falling on communities of color and the poor, the study found.