• Maxine Hong Kingston honored by President Obama

    Posted by AC Team

    Maxine Hong Kingston honored by President Obama
    July 29, 2014 Washington D.C. Author Maxine Hong Kingston was honored today by President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington D.C. She received the National Medal of Arts. Other honorees receving the 2013 National Medal of Arts include singer Linda Ronstadt, documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, and Hollywood studio CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.  The National Medal of Arts is...


  • Actor Ken Jeong talks about his darkest moment in Ken Burns Films' "Cancer Story Wall"

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Community actor Ken Jeong learned about his wife Tran's diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer just as he was close to winning a part in The Hangover. Click here to and view Jeong's deeply personal story which was filmed as part of Ken Burns Films' "Cancer Story Wall" an accompaniment to this month's three-part PBS documentary series Cancer:The Emperor of All Maladies.  Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies is a three-part, six-hour major television event on PBS presented by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, in partnership with WETA, the flagship public broadcasting station in Washington, D.C. Based on the 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee, the series is the most comprehensive documentary ...
  • CAAMFest 2015 Kicks off its 33rd Year March 12-22

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

      UPDATE: March 19, 2015 There are so many great films, music and food events to attend at CAAMFest 2015!  First, check CAAMFest's guide here. Don't miss out. There are only a few more days of this fantastic festival! I attended three film premieres last weekend in San Francisco and they are a must see.  March 20, 2015 at 7:10pm - On Stage Conversation with Filmmaker Arthur Dong with film critic and author B. Ruby Rich takes place at the New People Cinema, 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. CAAM is honoring Arthur Dong this year as its Spotlight feature for his more than four decades of inspirational filmmaking. His latest documentary debuted last Sunday March 15 at CAAMFest, The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor, and a digitally remastered version of his 1989 ...
  • Civil Rights Activist Todd Endo Remembers Selma

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    January 19, 2015   Journalist Emil Guillermo features 1965 Selma voting rights protest march eyewitness Todd Endo, 74, on NBC News/Asian America today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Click here to read and view Emil's feature on Todd Endo.   2015 marks the 50th anniversary year of the three voting rights protest marches, from March 7 - 26, 1965 to walk the 54-mile highway from Selma to Montgomery, the capital of Alabama.  Todd Endo's memories of the 1965 voting rights marches still haunt him to this day. A 24 year old graduate student at Harvard and a community church organizer, he learned on March 9, 1965 that his acquaintance Jim Reeb, a white Unitarian minister had traveled from the Boston area to Selma and was killed by white segregationists. Endlo decided to join a g...
  • Still Few Leading Roles for Asian Actors in Hollywood Movies - But the Star is Rising for Randall Park and Miyavi

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    December 30, 2014 Hollywood Asian American actors are still largely missing from the big screen in major roles. A year-end wrap up shows small gains for major movie roles for Asian American actors in Hollywood. Even for Asian actors who are not American, major roles in a current Hollywood movie are scarce. First time actor Takamasa Ishihara from Japan made the most of his opportunity. Ishihara, a 33 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer known to his fans as Miyavi gave a chilling break-out performance as the brutal sergeant in Angelina Jolie's film "Unbroken." Ishihara's role as Sergeant Matsuhiro Watanabe was so intense, he told Vanity Fair's Natalie Finn "It's a story that is still painful for my country," ... "But she (Director Angelina Jolie) told me...

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