• Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to late Minoru Yasui by President Obama

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    November 16, 2015 President Obama will award the late civil rights pioneer Minoru Yasui with the 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House's highest civilian honor on November 24, 2015.  "A posthumous award to Minoru Yasui would close the circle of honor that surrounds the three men (Minoru Yasui, Fred Korematsu and Gordon Hirabayashi) who, in 1942, challenged the forced removal and imprisonment of over 100,000 persons of Japanese ancestry," Holly Yasui, Minoru Yasui's daughter and co-chair of the Minoru Yasui Tribute Committee told NBC News.  Fred Korematsu received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998. Gordon Hirabayashi was awarded posthumously in 2012.  Photo credit: 1983 Coram Nobis Litigants (LtoR) Gordon Hirabayashi, Minoru Yasui, and Fr...
  • 1915 - 2015 Grace Lee Boggs Writer, Activist, Philosopher

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Detroit Memorial services are planned October 31, 2015 in Detroit for Grace Lee Boggs, an activist and philosopher who relentlessly fought for civil rights, black power, feminism, labor and environmental justice. Ms. Boggs passed away peacefully October 5, 2015 at her home in Detroit at the age of 100. Boggs, the daughter of Chinese immigrants and her late husband James were involved in advocacy, notably helping organize a 1963 march in Detroit by Martin Luther King Jr. Ms. Boggs earned a Ph.D. degree at Bryn Mawr College in philosophy. Ms. Boggs founded community organizations, and wrote books on her vision of a revolution in America. The photo with Ms. Boggs in conversation with MSNBC's Richard Lui was taken at V3 the Asian American Journalists Association Los Angeles chapter's sponsored...
  • A Father's three decade search for his kidnapped son - an amazing story by writer Scott Herhold

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    September 27, 2015 Glendale, California Journalist Scott Herhold working for the San Jose Mercury News has uncovered a story of a father who never gave up hope searching for his son who was 5 months old when he was kidnapped aboard a Thai fishing boat 31 years ago. The family was escaping Vietnam to find a better life. Herhold learned about the father's three-decade efforts to find his son through friends of the father's daughter who lives in San Jose, California. Even though the father, Viet Vam Ngo lived 350 miles away in Southern California, Herhold decided to follow through and go beyond the San Jose Mercury News' local readership region to chronicle the story. Scott Herhold's report transcends time and place, and is a must read here. ...
  • Watch Tuesdays at 8:30pm/7:30c Season 2 Premiere of FRESH OFF THE BOAT

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Now that the season is open - Watch the show Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c! ABC's FRESH OFF THE BOAT returns for its Season 2 Premiere Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 8:30/7:30c. and report that Shaquille O/Neal will be a guest star in Season 2. Here is the Season 2 premiere poster inspired by artist Edward Hopper's painting "Nighthawks." You can catch up on the show here at Related articles: February 4, 2015 8 Reasons we need Fresh Off the Boat to succeed by TV Guide Executive Editor Hanh Nguyen  March 10, 2015 ABC TVs Fresh Off the Boat commentary by State's Jennifer Lai, Angry Asian Man's Phil Yu, and performance poet and social activist Bao Phi. ...

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