A Father's three decade search for his kidnapped son - an amazing story by writer Scott Herhold

Suzanne Kai

September 27, 2015

Glendale, California

IMAGES - NEVER-GIVE-UP-WEB-LICENSED 2015-09-27 AdobeStock 73045865Journalist Scott Herhold working for the San Jose Mercury News has uncovered a story of a father who never gave up hope searching for his son who was 5 months old when he was kidnapped aboard a Thai fishing boat 31 years ago.

The family was escaping Vietnam to find a better life.

Herhold learned about the father's three-decade efforts to find his son through friends of the father's daughter who lives in San Jose, California.

Even though the father, Viet Vam Ngo lived 350 miles away in Southern California, Herhold decided to follow through and go beyond the San Jose Mercury News' local readership region to chronicle the story.

Scott Herhold's report transcends time and place, and is a must read here. 

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