• The Honorable March Fong Eu 1922 - 2017

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    (Note: sorry we are working to fix a technical issue with our missing images on the homepage - but you can click above on the blue headline "Honorable March Fong Eu 1922 - 2017 - you can read the full article with images - Thank you!)   January 9, 2018 Oakland, California The Honorable March Fong Eu will be laid to rest tomorrow Wednesday January 10, 2018. Memorial services will be...

Millions Watch as rover "Curiosity" lands on Mars tonight



NASA TEAM_CELEBRATES_2_2012-08-05_at_10.32.34_PMMillions of viewers watched live online as robot spacecraft "Curiosity' landed on Mars and started transmitting images back. 

Its approximately 352 million mile (567 million kilometer), 36-week journey from Earth nearly complete, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft and its Curiosity rover are "all systems go" for touchdown in Mars.

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