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  • Hallyu: Riding the Korean Wave

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    Hallyu: Riding the Korean Wave
    If you know Rain, BoA (shown left), and Sistar, then you already know K-Pop, Korea’s contemporary pop music and its artists. K-Pop music is one of the fastest growing music genres in the world, and along with Korea’s popular TV drama serials, films and comic books are a growing source of export revenue for Korea.   The growing global fan base of Korea's entertainment and...

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    One of General Electrics four Affinity Networks, Asian-Pacific American Forum volunteers, contributed close to 900 hours of volunteer time at APAF CARES An Evening of Giving, a collaborative national community service event. The event was held at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of the 8th Annual GE APAF National Meeting.

  • Glass Ceiling and Glass Walls

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    Recently, LA Times ran an article on the Return of the Glass Ceiling or as they put it, the female free management zone of corporate business. This article calls attention to a subject many have been lulled into thinking is on the way to be solved: the common belief is that women are assuming more corporate management positions and directorships and that women have free choice in how and where they advance in their careers.

  • The Uses for US $1

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    The children came in groups of tens, twenties, thirties, forties and fifties. They came on foot on the hard packed potholed dirt roads, the older ones, ages eight or nine, holding the hands of the younger ones. Many of them walked barefoot the several kilometers from the eleven villages around Nandi Hills, Bangalore rural district, India to the HH Sai Maa Health Centre, as they owned no shoes. There are no buses nor could they have afforded to take one. They came with their teachers, smiling and eager to get some needed medicine and vitamins and to learn about health and hygiene.