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  • Meeting, and Googling, a real Asian Pioneer by Ben Fong-Torres

    Posted by Ben Fong-Torres

    Meeting, and Googling, a real Asian Pioneer by Ben Fong-Torres
    May 30, 2011 What a great way to end a terrible month. Here it was, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and I spent most of May with a cold, a bout of laryngitis and general misery. But I saved up energy for a couple of events, including a birthday bash for my pal Sherry Hu, the veteran reporter at KPIX-TV (“CBS 5”) who just retired after 34 years there. She and husband Karl Nichols...

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  • Remembering the I-Hotel Struggle

    Posted by Admin

    With the passing of Filipino-American poet and activist Al Robles who was active in the San Francisco I-Hotel struggle, AC Team searched the web to bring you more about this historic fight.

    Jennifer Low of SFGTV hosts Part 1 CELEBRATE HERITAGE. CELEBRATE UNITY about the struggle for Filipino residents to save the San Francisco I-Hotel in the 1970s.

    This APA Heritage Month segment posted on was produced in 2007 by Rich Bartlebaugh and Marisa Louie with historical footage contributed by filmmaker Curtis Choy.

  • Poet & Activist Al Robles 1930 - 2009 Memorials May 15 and May 17 in San Francisco

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Poet, writer and community advocate Al Robles passed away May 2, 2009 at the age of 79

    He leaves behind a lifetime of work helping the poor, the elderly, his community, and a legacy that will be honored by generations to come.

    Robles was involved in the International Hotel struggle in San Francisco in the 70's.

    In 1977, the decade long fight would result in the eviction of many elderly, low-income Filipino Americans, dismantling the last enclave of San Francisco's historic Manilatown - a day of reckoning for Filipino-American civil rights history.

    Robles, affectionately called Manong Al, never gave up helping his community. The I-Hotel was rebuilt in 2005 by the Manilatown Heritage Foundation.

    Memorial Services to celebrate Al Robles Life and Journey are planned in San Francisco May 15 and May 17 - see article for details.

  • Bargain Shoppers Flock to Store Liquidations

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    Young Andrew Do keeps an eye on his bargains at the Circuit City store liquidation in Newport Beach, California. Circuit City is in its last week of liquidation before its doors close nationwide.