Derek Ting's movie $upercapitalist directed by Simon Yin debuts in Theaters, Online and Video on Demand

Posted by Lia Chang on Monday, 20 August 2012.

August 19, 2012 (Updated August 29, 2012 with screening dates and video of SAG Foundation's conversation with cast members Linus Roache and Michael Park, and producer/writer/actor Derek Ting.)

by Lia Chang

Don't miss these screenings!: (more listings below)
SAN FRANCISCO - August 24 - 30 at the Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema, 601 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102
LOS ANGELES - August 31 - September 6 at the Laemmle's Noho 7, 5240 Lankershim Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (North Hollywood, CA 91601)

Kudos to Derek Tingfor taking control of his destiny, pursuing his dream and realizing his vision with his eleven year journey from inception to the big screen. Derek is the writer, producer and star of $upercapitalist, a financial thriller set in Hong Kong directed by award-winning filmmaker Simon Yin. Ting's film debuts in theaters this month, and is available now through your local cable TV station's video-on-demand, and online at many outlets including iTunes and Amazon Video. (Top image L to R: Lia Chang, $upercapitalist writer, producer and lead actor Derek Ting, producer and Derek's wife Joyce Yung Photo by Francois Bonneau). 

SUPERCAPITALIST Derek-Ting-at-world-premiere-of-his-film-Supercapitalist-Photo-by-Lia-Chang

I met Derek and his wife, Joyce Yung, a producer on the film, when the Screen Actors Guild Foundation hosted a special 'Conversations' advance screening of $upercapitalistat the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway in New York. 

$upercapitalist is screening now in Los Angeles (August 24-30) and San Francisco (August 31 - September 6). (see listings for more updates)

Derek, and fellow actors Linus Roache and Michael Park were in the house for a Q & A, moderated by actor Nick Sakai, SAG-AFTRA National Ethnic Employment Opportunities Committee Member.


Click on the link below to see excerpts of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s Conversations with $upercapitalist's Derek Ting, Linus Roache and Michael Park.
Screen Actors Guild Foundation In Conversation with Supercapitalist's Derek Ting, Linus Roache and Michael Park

$upercapitalisis now rolling out in movie theaters in New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles this month, as well as Tugg screenings in San Diego, Berkeley, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Ithaca (Cornell). Click here for Tugg updates. Links and information are below to the national theatrical schedule, or go to the official website

The film has been the toast of the town, screening at special events in New York City including at the 35th annual Asian American International Film Festival in New York City on July 28.

Click here for the list of online and cable video-on-demand distribution outlets.  

SUPERCAPITALIST 2012-8-1_photo-by-lia-chang-541Derek has always had a passion for acting, and rediscovered it while taking an acting class at Cornell University. After graduating from Cornell and working in New York City and experiencing September 11, 2001, Ting decided that life was too short and started making the transition to become an actor.

He had a successful run landing national commercials quickly, and bit parts on television shows, however he felt there were too few opportunities for him. (Photo on right: Derek Ting Photo by Lia Chang) He juggled a job in technology, and joined an artist, writer, filmmaking group helping it to become the non-profit Asian American Film Lab.  As its first president, Derek produced the non-profits' first short film competition with MTV, now in its eighth year called the '72 Hour Shootout.' 

Ting gave up acting to become a producer at CNN International in Hong Kong. However, local Hong Kong commercial directors asked him to be in their commercials, and then Ting soon followed up with a part in “Largo Winch,” an international French production starring Kristin Scott Thomas.

On his Facebook page, Ting writes, “It’s an amazing feeling to know all those nights and weekends I gave up, all the family, investors, sponsors, cast, crew, friends, fans that really went the extra mile for this project, 6 years in the making, 11+ years to pursue a dream, it’s something I can’t describe but to tell you how much joy is in my heart. To stare down failure in the eye, to keep getting up after getting knocked down, to find my own true identity and wants in life, to find goodness in people and rejoice with them on this journey. Today, I know in my heart my conscience rests easy knowing and walking a path filled with glass and made it to the finish line. No one can take this moment from us. 

$upercapitalist, is a U.S./China co-production and the first English language financial thriller independently produced out of Hong Kong. The film follows Conner Lee (Derek Ting), a maverick New York hedge fund trader who moves to Hong Kong to orchestrate a mega-deal that swiftly escalates beyond his control. Caught between competing forces in America and Asia in a ruthless culture of profits at all costs, he desperately negotiates and maneuvers inside China’s closed, complex society. With his life and Hong Kong’s future staked on a corrupt billion dollar deal, the trader takes the ultimate risk.

SUPERCAPITALIST 2012-8-1_photo-by-lia-chang-321The film also stars Linus Roache, (Batman Begins, The Chronicles of Riddick, Wings of a Dove), Kenneth Tsang (Rush Hour 2, John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow), Richard Ng (Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life), Kathy Uyen (How I Met Your Mother), 2-time Emmy winner, Michael Park (“As the World Turns”), and Darren E. Scott, ("Man with Iron Fists") a native Canadian and Karate black belt since he was eight years old. $upercapitalist made its world premiere as the Centerpiece Presentation on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at Clearview Chelsea Cinemas for the 35th Asian American International Film Festival.

Ting talked about the challenges of wearing three hats as the writer, producer and lead actor, about the casting process, his inspiration for the storyline, and related the story of his $upercapitalist path. (Photo caption on right: Linus Roache Photo by Lia Chang. Photo below: Kathy Uyen, Derek Ting Photo courtesy of $upercapitalist.)

SUPERCAPITALIST derek-ting_kathy-uyen_billiard-scene-Photo_courtesy__SupercapitalistThe actors also talked about what convinced them to be part of $upercapitalist, their advice for aspiring actors and filmmakers, and their projects in the works.

In 2008, Ting had been searching for someone to play the key role in $upercapitalist of “Mark Patterson,” a hedge fund manager modeled after several notable shareholder activists like Daniel Loeb and Carl Icahn. He was introduced to Linus Roache through fellow filmmaker Donna Tsufura, and after reading the script in 2009, Roache signed on.

During a trip to New York in 2010, Ting caught a performance of Will Eno‘s play Middletown Off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre, in which Roache was appearing with Michael Park, and knew he’d found the actor to play the role of Morris Brown. It took some convincing by Roache who talked Park into flying to Hong Kong for essentially a weekend, to shoot his scene in $upercapitalist at the Bloomberg studios in Hong Kong.

“The only reason I’m in this film is because of this man (Derek), because he was committed and dedicated to making this film,” said Roache. “I feel so proud and have so much respect for anybody who has a vision, has an idea, and takes it all the way, from nothing to a piece of paper, to a bunch of people, to this. It’s incredible. I’ve been offered things in the past but this is quite a unique story for me. I’m proud to be part of it.” SUPERCAPITALIST -_Derek_Ting_Linus_Roache_Michael_Park_Photo_by_Lia_Chang_2012-8-1_copy

“Sheer determination from this man got me to Hong Kong,” said Park. “When I got there, it was a lovely city, and an experience that I’ll never forget. The hosts were amazing. Talk about going on blind faith. I hadn’t met Derek. I had just spoken to him via emails and going on Linus’ recommendation as well. I got there and he had emailed me to look for the guy in the yellow jacket. Okay, Hong Kong airport, I’m sitting there looking around, do you know how many yellow jackets, about 20. And then all of sudden comes this man, ‘Michael’? It was wonderful. I’m also so proud. I had no idea you did everything.”
(Photo caption to the right: L to R: Derek Ting, Linus Roach, Michael Park Photo by Lia Chang.)

The indie film was a collaborative effort. Principal photography began in New York City with a crew of 20-25. The crew show 6 days in New York, 20 days in Hong Kong, and 2 days in Macau. The film was shot using Red cameras. Some of the time-lapse photography was shot by Derek's wife and producer Joyce Yung, the owner of a professional phtoography studio in Hong Kong. One of the scenes added to the script was written in two days and shot in one night with a crew of 3 using a Canon 5D camera. A helicopter scene also was shot with a Canon 5D.

Click here for updates on theatrical screening and special events for this film.

NEW YORK CITY - August 10 at the Village East Cinemas, 181 – 189 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10012  

WASHINGTON DC - August 17-23 at the Landmark Theatre E - Street Street Cinema, 555 - 11th St. Washington, DC 20004  

SAN FRANCISCO - August 24 - 30 at the Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema, 601 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102 

LOS ANGELES - August 31 - September 6 at the Laemmle's Noho 7, 5240 Lankershim Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (North Hollywood, CA 91601)

Click on the link below to see excerpts of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s Conversations with $upercapitalist's Derek Ting, Linus Roache and Michael Park.
Screen Actors Guild Foundation In Conversation with Supercapitalist's Derek Ting, Linus Roache and Michael Park

SUPERCAPITALIST 2012-8-1-Derek_Ting_Michael_Park_Stacey_Jackson_NY_Dir_of_Marketing_and_Special_EventsSAG_Foundation_Nick_Sakai_SAF-AFTRA_Natl_Ethnic_Employment_Opportunities_Committee_Member_and_Linus_Roache_Photo_by_Lia_ChangFounded in 1985, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is an educational, humanitarian and philanthropic 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is to enhance the lives of actors by investing in programs which help them in their professional endeavors and the communities in which they live. Their programs reflect the concerns and interests of SAG-AFTRA members as well as their desire to “give back” to their communities.

The SAG Foundation is independent from SAG-AFTRA but offers substantive services to SAG-AFTRA members, free of charge. The Foundation relies solely on the support from grants, corporate sponsorships, bequests and individual contributions to maintain our programs and create new ones. Their mission is to assist, educate and inspire actors.

(Photo caption: L to R: Derek Ting, Michael Park, Stacey Jackson New York Director of Marketing and Special Events, SAG Foundation, Nick Sakai, SAG-AFTRA National Ethnic Employment Opportunities Committee Member, and Linus Roache Photo by Lia Chang.) Believe It Or Not, In This Movie The Hedge Fund Manager Is The Hero

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