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What’s Going On? Everything, All at Once By Ben Fong-Torres

Posted by Suzanne Kai - on Sunday, 08 May 2022

What’s Going On? Everything, All at Once By Ben Fong-Torres
What’s Going On? Everything, All at Once By Ben Fong-Torres MAY 8, 2022 With “Like a Rolling Stone: The Life and Times of Ben Fong-Torres” the documentary about me, now out today and streaming merrily along on Netflix, I’m officially in the film industry.  Actually, that’s been the case since last June, when the documentary, which stole its title from a popular column at Asian Connections created by director Suzanne Joe Kai's son Mike when he was 14, premiered at the...

"Linsanity"- Jeremy Lin: ESPN fires writer and suspends broadcaster for its racist headline and remarks -New York Knicks Sensation has Captured our Hearts

Posted by AC Team on Saturday, 18 February 2012.




July 17, 2012

Goodbye New York, Hello Houston! 



After weeks of speculation, Tuesday night the New York Knicks announced it would not match the Houston Rockets' offer.


Emotions have been running high with Knicks fans. To quote writer Ian O'Connor at ESPNNewYork.com, "Jim Dolan just made one of the dumbest moves of his basketball life"...


Meanwhile, Lin remains a gentleman, thanking the Knicks and showing enthusiasm for Houston. 


Twitter comments: (@JLin7)


  • "Extremely excited and honored to be a Houston Rocket again!! ‪#RedNation‬"
  • "Much love and thankfulness to the Knicks and New York for your support this past year...easily the best year of my life ‪#ForeverGrateful‬"


For the latest on Jeremy Lin:



July 5, 2012


This afternoon Jeremy Lin agreed to a multi-million dollar offer sheet by the Houston Rockets. Numerous sources say that the Houston Rockets' offer is reportedly a four year $28.8 million deal with Lin. The contract cannot be signed until after the NBA moratorium ends next Wednesday, July 11, 2012, then the New York Knicks have three days to match the Rockets' offer or let him go. 

This story is evolving day by day, and in some cases hour by hour.


(Video image by Suzanne Joe Kai at a press interview with Jeremy Lin in the NY Knicks locker room at Madison Square Garden March 11, 2012)





February 21, 2012

"Can't escape race, no matter what," says writer William Wong who pens his fourth column on Linsanity.

And as Bill points out, William C. Rhoden, a sports columnist for The New York Times who is African American laments that there's been no equivalent exuberant, mostly positive madness for a sudden African American athletic star the way there has been for Lin and Tebow, and that African American athletes continue to be stereotyped negatively. 

Linsanity is more than an APA kid finally making it as a break-out star in the NBA. He has captured the hearts and minds of fans with his underdog story. The fact that he's an American kid of Chinese/Taiwanese ancestry makes the story that much sweeter. 

February 19, 2012

The headline read "Chink in the Armor." ESPN fired the writer Saturday for penning the ethnic slur, and apologized for using the racially offensive word in a headline on its mobile website. Friday night the New York Knicks lost 89-85 to the New Orleans Hornets ending the team's season-high winning streak led by Jeremy Lin.

This was only one of three instances in which the same derogatory word was used by an ESPN employee or aired on ESPN.

On Friday, ESPNEWS broadcaster Max Bretos used the same word and phrase hours after the offensive headline appeared on ESPN's mobile website at 2:30am Saturday EST. Bretos has been suspended for 30 days. The third incident occurred on ESPN Radio New York, but the network said it was not by an ESPN employee.

ESPN's Editor-in-chief Rob King wrote on Twitter, "There's no defense for the indefensible. All we can offer are our apologies, since though incalculably inadequate." 

In a separate incident, during Lin's spectacular 38 points gain the LA Lakers, writer Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports slammed Jeremy Lin writing,"some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple of inches of pain tonight."  

The Asian American Journalists Association condemned Jason Whitlock's racist remarks: “[Whitlock's Tweet] doesn’t hold up to the conduct of responsible journalists, those in sports or otherwise, who adhere to standards of fairness, civility and good taste. Nor does it meet the standards of Fox Sports, with which you are associated. Outrage doesn’t begin to describe the reaction of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) to your unnecessary and demeaning tweet.

Whitlock sent out an apology to Jeremy Lin and to the country’s Asian population. AAJA.org posted this response on its website after Whitlock's public apology.


February 18, 2012

Will fame ruin Jeremy Lin?

AsianConnections contributing writer, SFGate.com blogger, and former Wall Street Journal reporter
 William Wong asks this question in his third Linsanity commentary this week.

 As Bill points out, "The newness about Jeremy Lin's sudden celebrity is the fact that there's never been a young Chinese American man to soar into the celebrity stratosphere. Never." 

Tonight, Linsanity suffered its first loss as the New York Knicks lost 89-85 to the New Orleans Hornets at Madison Square Garden. Associated Press reports, "The Lin-ning streak is over. And Jeremy Lin's sloppiness was one of the problems for the Knicks."

Lin met the press after the game, taking the blame for the loss. "It was just a lackluster effort on my part coming out and...careless with the ball" ...It's on me in terms of taking care of the ball, and also the game in general."

This Sunday, February 19, Carmelo "Melo" Anthony is expected to rejoin the Knicks in its game against the Dallas Mavericks, after being sidelined for an injury. Anthony was the Knicks star player pre-Jeremy Lin. Some fans are worried about Anthony's return and wonder if he will upset the new chemistry established between the team and Jeremy Lin.

Lin will be playing a role in the Sprite Slam Dunk contest, and was added yesterday to the roster of players for the February 24 game at All-Star Weekend in Orlando.

And rumors are swirling in the blogosphere about publicity hound Kim Kardashian's interest in trying to date Jeremy.

How Lin handles his sudden celebrity will be closely watched by news media and fans alike.

AsianConnections Editor and New York Bureau Chief Lia Chang has been chronicling Linmania and the fans snapping up merchandise with his name.


February 16, 2012

Linmania is coast-to-coast!

CAPE-CBS-STUDIOS-2-15-2012-250x150The packed room Wednesday night at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, CA filled with 120 Asian American writers, actors, producers and directors attending a CAPEUSA.org exclusive event with television industry programming executives broke out in cheers at the news that once again, Jeremy Lin and the Knicks had won - its seventh straight game 110-85 against the Sacramento Kings.

AsianConnections contributing writer, SFGate.com blogger, and former Wall Street Journal reporter William Wong pens his second commentary this week about Linmania - 'Redefining American.'

And Linmania is also raging beyond America's borders. Here's a story about Jeremy's grandmother in Taipei, Taiwan by Keith Bradsher for the New York Times. 

February 15, 2012

Linmania continues! Tonight, the New York Knicks face off with the Sacramento Kings at Madison Square Garden. Woah - Will Jeremy Lin beat the 'curse' of being on the cover of Sports Illlustrated Magazine? Here's AsianConnections' Editor and Bureau Chief Lia Chang's report and link to the Sports Illustrated article on Jeremy Lin. 

February 14, 2012

Alright, this story just got even more incredible. Tonight, with less than a second to play New York Knicks Jeremy Lin made a tiebreaking 3-points to beat the Toronto Raptors 90-87. 

Linmania is capturing fans everywhere. William Wong, former Wall Street Journal reporter, SFGate.com blogger and contributing writer for AsianConnections weighs in on Linmania.

February 12, 2012

Jeremy Lin made New Yorkers and the rest of America swoon last week. The 23 year old made his debut as a starting point guard for the New York Knicks playing amazing basketball for eight games.

He racked up five straight victories for the Knicks, and a stunning 38 point performance last Friday against the Lakers at Madison Square Garden.

JEREMY-LINHe's a Harvard graduate with a degree in Economics, and up to his recent winning streak for the New York Knicks, the 6' 3" 200 lb. athlete was an underappreciated athlete who was ignored by big name college teams such as Stanford located in his hometown of Palo Alto, undrafted by the pros, let go after stints with the Golden State Warriors, and the Houston Rockets, and briefly demoted by the Knicks.

During the 2011 NBA lockout, Lin played in China and Taiwan briefly, and almost signed a contract in November with a team in Italy, just days before the NBA lockout ended. 

Lin is the first American of Chinese descent to become a professional basketball player with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Born in Los Angeles, Lin grew up in Palo Alto, California. His parents Shirley and Gie-Ming emigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan in the mid-1970's. His family's ancestors are originally from China. His maternal grandmother is from Pinghu, Zhejiang Province in mainland China, and his paternal family ancestors immigrated to Taiwan from Zhangpu County, Fujian in mainland China in the 18th century. 

Cheered on and off the courts by Asian American fans, he also has reportedly had opposing fans lob ethnic slurs at him. He has said, "Maybe I can help break the stereotype." 

His breakout performance with the New York Knicks last week puts his career squarely on track as a major player to be reckoned with, Asian American or not.

What a story. 


Author, journalist and former reporter with the Wall Street Journal William Wong on "Linmania - Redefining American"

Author, journalist and former reporter with the Wall Street Journal William Wong weighs in on Jeremy Lin "Am I Linsane? You betcha!" 

Woah - Jeremy Lin is on Sports Illustrated Magazine's cover - Will the 'curse' of being on SI's cover jinx him? AsianConnections' editor and New York Bureau Chief Lia Chang is in the midst of Linmania in NYC with this report and a link to the Sports Illustrated story. 

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The Wall Street Journal Feb. 12, 2012

Photo: Jeremy Lin at 2010 Golden State Warriors open practice.