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For Love of Money by Marilyn Tam

Posted by AC Team - on Monday, 06 February 2012

For Love of Money by Marilyn Tam
Have you heard this before? “Love or Business, you have to choose.” The message is direct - you have to decide what you value more, something/one you love or your work/business. Actually, there is a more factual statement – Love is Good Business. February is the month of love. A great deal of thought and energy will be spent on expressions of love, usually for a romantic partner. The truth in the old axiom, Love makes the World Go Round, applies to all aspects of life, not only to...

Dr. Edmund Kwan Offers Pro Bono Services in Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Posted by Lia Chang on Wednesday, 22 October 2008.

Dr. Edmund Kwan Offers Pro Bono Services in Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, New York based plastic surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan is waiving his surgical fees for reconstructive surgery on patients who have been a victim of domestic violence. Patients will be selected with the assistance of New York Asian Women's Center (NYAWC), the first domestic violence organization to serve Asian communities in New York City and one of the first in the nation.

"Dr. Kwan is offering domestic violence victims a chance to eradicate the physical and constant reminders of the abuse that once controlled them," said Julie Kim Richards, Director of Client Services, NYAWC. "With this assistance, they are given a better chance to deal with the emotions of shame and embarrassment that are often associated with domestic violence."

"Reconstructive procedures are the most rewarding surgeries I can perform on a patient," said Dr. Kwan. "Breast cancer survivors, burn and abuse victims are reminded daily of a traumatic time in their life. My hope is to continue to partner with organizations like NYAWC to raise awareness on these issues and provide patients with an opportunity to erase the physical scarring they've endured."

Domestic Violence Awareness Month began as the "Day of Unity" in October 1981. Conceived by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the intent was to connect battered women's advocates across the nation who were working to end violence against women and their children. From there it evolved from a day-long event to one week and in October 1987 the first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed.

About New York Asian Women's Center
Founded in 1982 as the first domestic violence organization on the East Coast to serve the Asian communities, the New York Asian Women's Center (NYAWC) helps battered women overcome violence and govern their own lives, free of abuse. The Center also works to raise public awareness about domestic violence, advocate for the rights of battered women, and create an agenda for social change. All of NYAWC's services are free and confidential, rooted in our philosophy of empowering women and supporting their choices so that they can lead their lives without fear of violence.