Nina Kuo and Lorin Roser: Mythical Montage - Paintings Parallel 3D Animated Video

Posted by Lia Chang on Sunday, 31 May 2009.

Nina Kuo and Lorin Roser: Mythical Montage - Paintings Parallel 3D Animated Video

A unique interplay between painter Nina Kuo and animator/painter Lorin Roser is evident in their joint exhibition Mythical Montage - Paintings Parallel 3D Animated Video, on view at Gallery 456, 456 Broadway in New York from June 12- July 10, 2009.

Husband Lorin Rosers animated video loops capture the Asian-inspired painted scenes by his wife Nina Kuo, evoking new cyber forms that are montage into an abstracted mental world. In a rare travelogue of experiences, Roser says that Kuo's paintings are inspiration for his 3-D Animated Videos and vice versa.

Their subjects include classical scholar and Tai Chi figures evoking modern-day cultural realities. Presentations of Bubbling Pond and floating sculptural shapes of scholar rocks are constructed in moving animations and in a painting showing dynamic bursting visualizations. Pop icons of urban life are introduced as in the Tang Lady Housewife painting while the video uses architectonic models with cyber vacuum cleaner in offbeat fantasy scenes of abstracted compositions that dazzle. Futuristic connotations capturing the anachronistic mood of Chinese literati landscapes are taken from Huangshan or Fu Bao Shi landscapes with montaged cyber forms. These large-scale Kuo paintings present layers of textured forms as Rosers 3D animations are juxtaposed computer-generated moving frames with choreographed music. Both forms reveal an impact of emotion and imaginary narratives that reveal how invented memories of past lost landscapes are transformed into futuristic scenes.

Mythical Montage - Paintings Parallel 3D Animated Video
June 12 July 10, 2009
Join the artists at their opening reception on June 12, 6:00-8:30 pm. The evening will feature poetry with Luis Francia, a writer, poet, professor at NYU and author of Phillippine American book Eye of the Fish as well as live music by Helen Yee, member Music From China and Invert Ensemble.
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