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The Year of Sheltering Dangerously By Ben Fong-Torres

Posted by Ben Fong-Torres - on Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The Year of Sheltering Dangerously By Ben Fong-Torres
The Year of Sheltering Dangerously By Ben Fong-Torres   Well, hasn’t THIS been a fun 365? As we approached the anniversary of the shelter-in-place orders for the San Francisco Bay Area, on March 16, I thought of some of the changes we’ve been through.  In February, our calendar was packed with restaurant dinners and a large, loud gathering at Harbor Villa, saluting our friend, the civil rights attorney Dale Minami. And there was my 24th time as co-anchor of the...

Go See Linsanity!

Posted by AC Team on Friday, 04 October 2013.

Update: October 11, 2013


Look up show times and purchase your tickets today 

by clicking on the city of your choice.  

Take a look at the trailer HERE!




  Sundance Kabuki, San Francisco


  Bluelight Cinemas, Cupertino


AMC Atlantic Times Sq, Monterey Park


  South Coast Village, Santa Ana 


  AMC Mission Valley, San Diego


HAWAIICons Pearlridge West, Aiea




  AMC Barrington, South Barrington


MARYLAND/DCAMC Rio, Gaithersburg


MASSACHUSETTSAMC Boston Common, Boston




  AMC Village 7, New York, NY


  Main Street Cinemas, Flushing


  Soundview Cinemas, Port Washington


TEXAS: AMC Studio, Houston




 AMC Alderwood, Lynnwood


 Sundance Cinemas Seattle, Seattle


 AMC Pacific Place, Seattle


For other cities click here:

Update: October 8, 2013

AC - JEREMY LIN - PHILIPPINESAs "Linsanity" the documentary screens in the U.S., Jeremy Lin was met by fans as he arrived yesterday to the Philippines for a Houston Rockets preseason game. Fans greeted Jeremy as he was on board a bus at the Ninoy Aquino international Airport, south of Manila. Photo credit: Jeremy Lin's Facebook page.

October 6, 2013

Go see "Linsanity" the documentary about Jeremy Lin! Bring your friends and family. Show Hollywood that a film about an Asian American can be a box office success! It is in select theaters in limited release.  Every single person who buys a ticket and goes to see "Linsanity" right now counts. 

Hollywood is a business, so please buy a ticket and go - now. Movie executives will look to the box office receipts, and will decide how many screens and how long the documentary will continue to be shown in theaters.

Click on the links below to find the closest theater, buy a ticket and go!


Don't miss out!  The Movie OPENED THIS WEEK!  
Purchase your tickets today for LINSANITY at this link: CLICKING HERE.
 Look up the current schedule at this link: show times for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cupertino, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC/Maryland, New York, Boston, Seattle, Honolulu, Philadelphia HERE!  For other cities, click HERE.
Come out and support the movie this weekend!  When we demonstrate there is great interest in the film, the movie will expand into other cities October 11 and run for multiple weeks or longer. Its time we make Hollywood understand that films featuring Asian Americans can be a box office hit. We can only do this with your participation so buy your ticket, bring your family and friends, and spread the word!

The film focuses on Jeremy Lin as we are given a brief, but intimate glimpse of life before the flashing cameras of wild paparazzi and screaming fans. LinsanityLINSANITY_poster_v02smtraces Jeremy’s life from Palo Alto, CA to his rise with the New York Knicks. The film engages audience with his battles and his victories as well as how he manages to deal with his growing fame. The film encompasses important themes relevant toJeremy such as his Asian American identity. 


Historically speaking, Asians in America have not been given the proper or even requisite respect in terms of culture and identity, thus carrying negative stereotypes that have evolved to become a stigma that affects Asian Americans. But today, Jeremy Lin emerges as a steward, capable of breaking these negative stereotypes just as he broke the NBA record for most points scored in the first five career starts. Jeremy's story serves as an inspiration and proves to audiences, and the entire world, that Asian Americans are more than what stereotypes say, and we can in fact fight through the barriers to
achieve our greatest dreams.



Linsanity's Hollywood Premiere

Premiere Photo 4
Jeremy with director 
Evan Leong and executive producers Allen Lu, Christopher Chen, and 
Brian Yang
Papa Lin's Extreme Workout 2

    Check out advice from 
                            Papa Lin....


Tickets can only be purchased online before the screening date.  
Fayetteville, AR * Little Rock, AR * Bakersfield, CA * Clovis, CA * La Mirada, CA * Sacramento, CA * Broomfield, CO * Atlanta, GA  * Fort Wayne, IN * Johnston, IA * Leawood, KS * Newport, KY * Amherst, NY * Sterling Heights, MI * Southfield, MI * St. Louis, MO * Morrisville, NC * Webster, NY * Columbus, OH * Valley View, OH * West Chester, OH * Portland, OR  * Austin, TX * Dallas, TX  * Plano, TX * San Antonio, TX * Salt Lake City, UT * Hampton, VA * Wauwatosa, WI

Interested in bringing the film to a local theater in your city?  
Learn how by CLICKING HERE.


Purchase a Ticket


This reminds me of another film back in 2002-2003. Ten years ago - that seems like a long time in our digital world, but not so long in the movie industry. It was not a documentary, but a fictional feature film called Better Luck Tomorrow, directed by a then relatively unknown director named Justin Lin. Like Linsanity, the film screened at the Sundance Film Festival. When the film was soon to be distributed, Justin Lin asked for ground support to help encourage people to go out and buy tickets to see his movie Better Luck Tomorrow. We were among his hundreds of unknown, unnamed volunteers. We were on a mission. We also knew that if Justin's movie flopped at the box office, it could be a set-back for Asian American cinema. 

Since it was pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter social media days, I remember grabbing friends to volunteer to do an old school street team effort to get the word out about Justin Lin's film. We bought tickets, posted stories online, made phone calls, and put up flyers and posters. Our writer/editor Lia Chang in New York did an interview with Justin Lin.  

So, here we are again. Buy a ticket and go - and tell your friends and family to do the same.  By doing so we will collectively send a message to Hollywood that films about an Asian American can be a box office success! 



Members of the founding team of, a movie review site which I also helped in varous capacities also pitched in. RT was the brainchild of Senh Duong, his founding partners Patrick Lee and Stephen Wang, and founding team members Paul Lee, Binh Ngo, Wilson Wang, Susan Nakasora, Lily Chi, Mark Moran and Pungkas "Pongky" Nataatmaja. As you can probably tell from their last names, many of the staff just so happened to be Asian American, and had an affinity to supporting Justin Lin's film, and Asian American cinema.

RT's members also supported projects like this website which launched to help fill the void of stories that needed to be told about Asian Americans and the Asian American communities that never got covered in the mainstream press. In the early years, before RT was acquired by corporate media, hosted and managed on its servers, RT team members Paul Lee and programmer Pongky Nataatmaja, and others, managed the website with me, and wrote the original code, so I could devote more time to bring in ad contracts and produce video features from Hollywood for RottenTomatoes.

I mention more of RT's role in helping to get the word out about Justin Lin's film Better Luck Tomorrow, in an April 4, 2013 commentary I wrote in tribute to the late film critic Roger Ebert who was a supporter of Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow, giving Asian American cinema a giant leap forward.



In Memoriam: Roger Ebert 1942-2013 American journalist, Film critic and Asian American Cinema Champion

Jeremy Lin's arrival October 7, 2013 for a Houston Rockets preseason game from