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First Summit on Asian Stereotypes Urges Empowerment to Make Change

Posted by AC Team - on Sunday, 24 March 2013

Jeff Yang writer of
Little Tokyo - Los Angeles March 23, 2013 More than 200 people attended a summit yesterday in Los Angeles, provocatively titled "Beyond the Bad and the Ugly." The meeting was appropriately named as it took aim at the continued use of offensive images, ethnic slurs and stereotypical caricatures of Asian Americans in American media, and its impact on just about every aspect of American culture, politics, education and society. applauds Jeff Yang, Wall Street Journal...

Jeremy Lin to have knee surgery next week - expected to be sidelined for the rest of the season.

Posted by AC Team on Sunday, 01 April 2012.

thumbnail-jeremy lin in the locker room faces press 295kb- photo by suzanne joe kaiBy Suzanne Kai

On Saturday, March 31 at 7:50pm Jeremy Lin tweeted to his 694,889 Twitter followers and the 1,565,809 subscribers to his official website the following message:

"Thx for all the love! I'll return from this surgery stronger/better than before and hopefully in time for the playoffs! Ecclesiastes 3:1&11"

And on that note, Linsanity as we know it has been sidelined - at least for the next six weeks, his expected recovery time from the surgery he will have next week in New York.

An MRI revealed this week that his left knee wasn't just sore, it is actually damaged with a small, chronic meniscus tear.  

New York Times' Howard Beck writes about the Knicks pre-game press conference, "The room filled, the cameras rolled and the shutters clicked, rapid-fire - one last multimedia salute to Jeremy Lin, one noisy farewell to Linsanity."

Lin couldn't hide his disappointment at the pre-game press conference after enduring a painful work-out earlier in the day. While the swelling went down, he said the pain was still there, and on Saturday he decided to have the surgery. ..."I can't really do much. Can't really cut or jump, so it's pretty clear that I won't be able to help the team unless I get this fixed right now."

Lin said, "If this was done very early in the year, obviously... I don't know where my career would be. I could be, would be definitely without a job and probably fighting for a summer league spot." "But having said that, this happening now hurts just as much, because all the players, we really put our heart and souls into the team and into season, and to not be there when it really matters most is hard."

With thirteen games left to play, the regular season ends April 26, so it's likely that if Lin's recovery does take the full six weeks, he will miss the rest of the season.

But given what this 23 year old has already achieved in a just two short months as one of the greatest break-out stars in basketball history, his talents, caring about his team, and tenacity to succeed will be Linsane to reckon with when he's back on the court.