• Team USA Figure Skater Nathan Chen Wows Audiences with Six Quad Jumps

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Team USA Figure Skater Nathan Chen Wows Audiences with Six Quad Jumps
    Gangneung, South Korea February 17, 2018 18 year old American figure skater Nathan Chen from Salt Lake City, Utah came to the Winter Olympics to win a medal. He didn't, but instead he wowed audiences worldwide by making history as the first person in Olympic competition to perform six unprecedented quad jumps. Nathan's historic performance of six quads, included five clean quad jumps, and...

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  • Update: Go see Linsanity! Jeremy Lin's "Linsanity" Documentary hit theaters Oct 11, 2013 but watch for earlier releases in your area!

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    October 6, 2013 Update: Linsanity is in selected theaters now! Buy tickets and go!

    October 4, 2013 UPDATE: Go see Linsanity!

    "Linsanity" the docoumentary begins screening in theaters in a limited release October 11, but keep an eye out for earlier screenings in your area!

    Its a terrific documentary! Show support on the opening weekend by buying tickets!

    July 24, 2013

    Mark your calendars!

    Variety Film Reporter Dave McNary reports exclusively that "Linsanity" the documentary about Jeremy Lin directed by Evan Jackson Leong, and produced by Christopher Chen, Allen Lu and Brian Yang will be released in theaters beginning October 4, 2013.  

    For the full story by Dave McNary at Variety click here.

    I saw the documentary at a press screening earlier this year, and a second time at CAAMFest 2013's Opening Night in San Francisco, and look forward to its theatrical release. 

    If you would like to join the movie's "Street Team" to get the word out click here to fill out the Linsanity - Street Team form or go straight to the website and find the link at

    If you would ike to host your own screening with your group you can fill out a form at the official website

    "Linsanity" credits:

    Executive Producer: Sam Kwok, James Stern, Patricia SunProducer: Christopher Chen, Allen Lu, Brian YangCinematographer: Evan LeongEditor: Greg Louie

    Here's the description of "Linsanity" from CAAMFest 2013:

    In 2012, the entire media landscape was abuzz about one man: basketball sensation Jeremy Lin. From gracing the covers of Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated to being satirized by Saturday Night Live, Lin captured the imagination, both here and abroad, like no single Asian American since Bruce Lee. In Linsanity, director and Bay Area native Evan Jackson Leong goes beyond the headlines to uncover the real story behind this cultural phenomenon.

    The Jeremy Lin story begins in the suburbs of Palo Alto, where as a...

  • "Asians Eat Weird Things" by Fung Bros Comedy and Singer/Musician AJ Rafael

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    July 18, 2013

    Credits: Scene from Fung Bros Comedy/AJ Rafael Youtube video "Asians Eat Weird Things"

     We love food, great talent, cool music and videos at, so when we saw this video about Asian food on Youtube we had to share "Asians Eat Weird Things" with you. Its fun, and its already garnered 300,000 views since its launch July 5. 

    Congrats to the video's creators: Rapper/comedian brothers Andrew and David Fung producers of the Youtube Channel Fung Bros Comedy, singer/songwriter AJ Rafael, and director Jason Poon.

    Andrew and David Fung have been producing videos about Asian American culture on topics from Boba Tea to NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin. The brothers are originally from the Seattle area, and are now located in Monterey Park in Southern California.

    Check out Andrew and David's blog and other videos at and at 

    The video features vocals by AJ Rafael. Arthur Joseph "AJ" Rafael is a singer/songwriter from Moreno Valley, California with his own popular Youtube channel. AJ has just released a new single "Jetsetter" and music video which is available on iTunes. AJ's Facebook page announced that he is going on tour this August. Visit or his website for his schedule.

    Click here from the homepage to the full story and video.


    Credits: Scene from Fung Bros Comedy/AJ Rafael Youtube video "Asians Eat Weird Things"  Credits: Scene from Fung Bros Comedy/AJ Rafael Youtube video "Asians Eat Weird Things"

  • Top Stock Picker Natalie Pace Offers Free e-Book on Amazon for limited time

    Posted by Admin


    A Special Offer from Natalie Pace

    May 25, 2013

    Santa Monica, CA

    Top stock picker Natalie Pace is offering a stock market retreat June 8-10, 2013 in Santa Monica.Join an intimate group over three days at Natalie's last West coast investor retreat of the year. 

    These boardroom retreats are limited to 12 attendees. Call 310-430-2397 to register NOW! Use promo code ASIANUSA for a special bonus from Natalie Pace. Download her free (for limited time) ebook at The ABCs of Money. She has included links to her latest discussions about the market and you can find more at

    Are You Banking Your Future on a Bailout?  Last Minute Tax Tips The May Curse and 5 Great Countries  Get out of Credit Card Debt Recession 2013? Apple: Rotten or Ripe for Buying? Top Agent Reveals Secrets of Bestsellers  

    Natalie Pace has been transforming lives and educating people in real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, hard assets and more for over a decade. You won't be pushed into buying stocks and bonds from her because she's an educator and not a stock broker on commission. Her teachings will help empower you. 

    Concerned about your future? Is your nest egg riding the Wall Street Rollercoaster? Worried about inflation, or bonds, or a debt downgrade or whether gold is a good buy at today's prices? Replace fear, worry, doubt and systems that failed you with wisdom, valuable information and a rock-solid plan. And just in time to capture your gains and get safe before more financial storms and the 2013 Hurricane Season.

    What You Will Learn 

    In just three intensive, but fun and empowering days, you will learn and master: 

    Easy as a pie chart nest egg strategy that works in bull and bear markets. 3-ingredient recipe for cooking up profits in gold, real estate, stocks, bonds & more. What's Safe & How to Get Safe. Maximizing gains through rebalancing and limit orders. Debt Reduction Strategies that work exponentially faster than any other...
  • Quincy Jones is the Executive Producer of new Asian girl group "Blush"

    Posted by Admin


    May 22, 2013

    Legendary music producer/composer Quincy Jones turned 80 this year and he's still going strong. His latest endeavors include representing young talent including K-Pop style Asian girl group Blush. Click here for the story by James McKinley, Jr. at the New York Times.

    Girl group Blush includes talents from five Asian countries, Ji Hae Lee from South Korea, Alisha Budhrani from India, Natsuko Danjo from Japan, Victoria Chan from Hong Kong/China and Angeli Flores from the Philippines. Quincy executive produced Blush's new single "Warrior." Click here to view the music video. 

    On a separate note, Quincy Jones was interviewed for a documentary about Ben Fong-Torres, the legendary rock journalist and former senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine. The documentary is being directed by Suzanne Joe Kai. Thanks Quincy! 



  • ROCKSHOW - Paul McCartney and Wings Concert Film Screens in 1,000 theaters and 750+ cities

    Posted by Suzanne Kai

    Update: May 17, 2013


    Photo credit: Robert Ellis, Paul McCartney and Wings on 1975-1976 "Wings Across America" tour. 


    We saw ROCKSHOW last night, May 16. If you are a Paul McCartney fan - this is a must see remastered concert film of his 1975-1976 "Wings Across America" tour with Wings, the band he and his late wife Linda put together back in 1971.


    By its 1975-1976 tour Wings was going full throttle.


    You can still check the theatrical screening schedule at of this concert film for future dates.


    May 9, 2013


    Here we are in mid-2013, and Paul McCartney is still as popular as ever selling out entire stadiums around the U.S. on his latest live tour "Out There." 


    In our upcoming documentary in development, Like A Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres, about legendary rock journalist and former senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine, and our resident columnist, we will be including some fascinating never-before-released excerpts of Ben's exclusive interviews with Paul McCartney.


    While our documentary about Ben Fong-Torres' fabled life is still in the works, go out and enjoy ROCKSHOW. 


    SpectiCast, in association with Eagle Rock Entertainment releases the film May 15 in the UK with Sir Paul McCartney at the red carpet premiere, and worldwide on May 16 on more than 1,000 screens in 750+ cities. For screenings in your area check 

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