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  • Meeting, and Googling, a real Asian Pioneer by Ben Fong-Torres

    Posted by Ben Fong-Torres

    May 30, 2011 What a great way to end a terrible month. Here it was, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and I spent most of May with a cold, a bout of laryngitis and general misery. But I saved up energy for a couple of events, including a birthday bash for my pal Sherry Hu, the veteran reporter at KPIX-TV (“CBS 5”) who just retired after 34 years there. She and husband Karl Nichols...

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  • Remembering Betty: The Voice of Flight 11

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    Remembering Betty: The Voice of Flight 11

    by Lynda Lin, September 11, 2006

    Pacific Citizen, a member of New America Media

    Editor's Note: Betty Ong, a flight attendent on United Flight 11, has been called an unsung hero for her 23-minute phone conversation relaying vital information that later allowed the FBI to identify the terrorists including purported ringleader Mohammed Atta. But the public has been fickle with Betty's memory.