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What’s Going On? Everything, All at Once By Ben Fong-Torres

Posted by Suzanne Kai - on Sunday, 08 May 2022

What’s Going On? Everything, All at Once By Ben Fong-Torres
What’s Going On? Everything, All at Once By Ben Fong-Torres MAY 8, 2022 With “Like a Rolling Stone: The Life and Times of Ben Fong-Torres” the documentary about me, now out today and streaming merrily along on Netflix, I’m officially in the film industry.  Actually, that’s been the case since last June, when the documentary, which stole its title from a popular column at Asian Connections created by director Suzanne Joe Kai's son Mike when he was 14, premiered at the...

Some Like It Haute

Posted by Lia Chang on Friday, 20 January 2006.

Julie K.L. Dam spins a funny charming tale about a style and shoes-obsessed American girl with her first novel, Some Like It Haute.

I caught up with PEOPLE magazine editor and author Julie K.L. Dam at the book party for her chic-lit novel Some Like It Haute held at the National Arts Club in Manhattan. She appears regularly on Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra and writes a blog http://www.somelikeithaute.com as her alter ego Alex (the protagonist) of Some Like It Haute , due in stores in late February.

In Some Like It Haute , Julie spins a funny charming tale about Alexandra Simons, a style and shoes-obsessed American girl with all the right press passes, spending Fashion Week in Paris. A fashion correspondent for The Weekly magazine, Alex believes she will never live down her very public, very literal run-in with a six-foot model at the Chanel haute couture show in Paris. Things start looking up when she attends an avant-garde show at a trendy new dive and finds both a love interest and perhaps the hottest new designer in town! But are things too good to be true? Though Nick Snow, an American consultant working in Paris, makes Alex feel like a supermodel, she gets the feeling that hes hiding something from her. And Luis-Heinz, the Esperanto-speaking recluse of a fashion genius? Hes nowhere to be found. Following her big scoopand her heartsends Alex on a wild goose chase through the streets of Paris and tests her definition of reality. In between playing detective and finding the perfect accessories for a stakeout, will she finally get her storyand her man?

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Julie delved in journalism while studying American history and literature at Harvard. She moved to Manhattan after graduating in 1993 to work as a reporter and writer for TIME magazine. During her 2 1/2-year stint in TIMEs London office, she covered fashion and entertainment for the magazine; highlights included reporting on the death of Princess Diana and conducting an exclusive interview with Donatella Versace on the eve of her first solo show after her brothers murder. In 1999, she returned to New York to write and edit showbiz and fashion stories for PEOPLE magazine.