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Feeling Stressed, and Wanting More Time? By Marilyn Tam “How did it get so late so soon?” - Dr. Seuss

Posted by Marilyn Tam - on Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Feeling Stressed, and Wanting More Time?  By Marilyn Tam  “How did it get so late so soon?” - Dr. Seuss
Feeling Stressed, and Wanting More Time? By Marilyn Tam  “How did it get so late so soon?” - Dr. Seuss “It’s November already, where did the year go?” “The holidays are coming, and I’m still caught up in projects that I started months ago.” “Get all my work done? If I had 48 hours in a day I may get caught up in another year. Do you relate? Occasionally or more often, everyone has felt that time was rushing by, carrying with it our chances...

What's in Store for the Year 4706 of the Earth Rat

Posted by Angi Ma Wong on Monday, 07 January 2008.

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It's the Year 4706 of the Earth Rat. What's in store for you?

The Rat is the first animal in the 12-year zodiac cycle so its year offers new beginnings, and ventures, a time for experiments and starting new ventures, for you to be a planner and builder to achieve your goals. Be steady and practical, and aim for getting results progressively over time. Make a commitment to your goals and objectives to achieve this year, then GO FOR IT!

The predictions for each lunar year, is calculated by the relationships of the five elements and how they relate to each other during the reign of the zodiac animal of the year. Because during the Year 4706 of Earth Rat, water and earth are in conflict (earth positioned over water), we will see earth and water-related disasters such as floods, tsunamis, as well as those involving earth such as mud and landslides, earthquakes and building collapses.

New political leadership with younger leaders coming to fore. Watch for a slowdown in real estate and property (earth) so be careful with investments and spend wisely. Business that will do well are related to the earth element, such as mining, hotel, insurance, chemicals, machinery, computers, skin care, construction, design & graphics, spiritual work/clergy, engineering and to the wood element, such as textiles, publishing, books, fashion, furniture, forestry and environment/green. Those that may stall are airline, stocks, energy, entertainment and electricity.

Healthwise, those same two elements govern the stomach and digestive systems so watch out for food poisoning and diarrhea in addition to kidney, bladders and blood disorders which are all connected to liquids and bodily fluids.

It is a good year for romance and relationships if you activate the northeast and east sectors of your home.

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