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A Tribute to Sam Chu LinPioneer Asian American Broadcaster

Posted by AC Team on Tuesday, 07 March 2006

A Tribute to Sam Chu Lin
Pioneer Asian American Broadcaster

He should have lived much longer because his will and intellect were so young and energetic. Judy must be devastated to have such a life and partner taken away from her -- really just reaching the prime of his mission. His mission was to spread the news, the word, about recognizing the contributions and achievements of Asian Americans to the world at large. This was his way of fighting for truth, justice and the American way. He really believed in that Superman hero credo. Not for the idea of a superman. But for people being champions of justice, and with truth you can have justice. And that was the American way. Honesty, integrity, fairness. That's what he lived and died for. That's what he wanted for Chinese and Asian Americans. He graduated from high school in the mid-fifties. From a town in Mississippi which was a cradle of the blues. Greenville, Mississippi. In an era when Elvis became King. He was there for all of us. Feeding us the news, the views, the feelings, the insights, yea, the wisdom of what he had gathered, found or deduced. When we were down he lifted us up. When we were angry he brought us down to earth, with soothing words of comfort, commiseration, or understanding while bringing other angles into our sights we hadn't seen quite seen in our turbulence. He did this by sharing his stories of the stories he covered.

Congressman Mike Honda, Mourns Death of Journalism Pioneer and Friend, Sam Chu Lin

Posted by AC Team on Monday, 06 March 2006

Congressman Mike Honda, Chair, Congressional Asian Pacific Caucus Mourns Death of Journalism Pioneer and Friend, Sam Chu Lin

From U.S. Rep. Mike Honda

Sam Chu Lin

Posted by AC Team on Wednesday, 08 March 2000

Sam Chu Lin

Sam Chu Lin

APALC Honors Memory of Legal Pioneer Judge Delbert E. Wong

Posted by AC Team on Monday, 13 March 2006


In Memoriam: Jade Snow Wong

Posted by AC Team on Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Jade Snow Wong, ceramist and noted author of "Fifth Chinese Daughter" has died at 84. She died Thursday of cancer at