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More Than 75 NYC-Area Organizations Unite to Unveil Platform of Demands

Posted by AC Team on Saturday, 21 October 2006

Thousands rally and march to demand full legalization and declare "round two" in response to a new wave of Sensenbrenner-backed attacks.

Today, the New York metropolitan-area immigrants rights movement presented its platform of demands to the nation from Union Square, and declared Round Two of its response to lawmakers failure to propose and pass a full, fair, and humane legalization bill. Marching to Times Square, more than two thousand protesters declared, No Deal! No Half-Steps, No Half-Measures! Full Legalization Now! and demanded an immediate end to detentions and deportations.

James Kim, a Father and a Hero

Posted by AC Team on Wednesday, 06 December 2006


Ti-Hua Chang Reports on Asian American Poverty in New York City

Posted by Lia Chang on Sunday, 22 February 2009