The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences 2021 Class of Invitees Continues to be more Inclusive

Posted by Suzanne Kai - on Friday, 02 July 2021

Los Angeles  July 1, 2021 by Suzanne Joe Kai The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Invites 395 Members for 2021. The push for more diversity continues.  The 2021 class is comprised of 46% women, 39% underrepresented ethnic/racial communities and 53% from 49 countries outside the United States. Here is a download of the list of the invitees from the Academy Among the invited include Walt Disney CEOBob...

Jackie Chan's latest movie The Foreigner shows off his acting skills

Posted by AC Team on Wednesday, 11 October 2017.


October 11, 2017

Finally! After 56 years, 200+ films and bringing humor and entertainment to audiences around the world, Jackie Chan, one of the world's most prolific action stars and filmmakers was presented an honorary Oscar at the 8th annual Governors Awards in Hollywood.

Tom Hanks, Michelle Yeoh and Chris Tucker all former co-stars in movies with Jackie co-presented the honorary Oscar to Jackie.



That was last November, 2016 - today Jackie is in Hollywood and says he's ready to tackle his next ambition - To win an Oscar for acting. 

His latest English language release since The Karate Kid (2010) is action thriller, The Foreigner, but he's not doing his trademark action moves throughout this movie, he is acting.

The movie is co-starring Pierce Brosnan, and is directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).

Jackie plays a father whose daughter is killed by terrorists and in this dramatic role, he is seeking justice for her death. 



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