Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at Age 96

Posted by AC Team - on Sunday, 26 November 2023

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at Age 96
When I got married and moved to a Ranch north of Tucson, Arizona, I was still a broadcaster for an ABC TV affiliate Magazine show, but the rest of my life completely changed. I remember when the late First Lady Rosalynn Carter arrived at our Kai Ranch and greeted our family. She was beautiful and very kind. She wrote me a handwritten note wishing me good wishes in happiness and health. I wish I could thank her for her kindness again. Thank you First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Top Stock Picker Natalie Pace Offers Free e-Book on Amazon for limited time

Posted by AC Team on Sunday, 26 May 2013.


A Special Offer from Natalie Pace

May 25, 2013

Santa Monica, CA

Top stock picker Natalie Pace is offering a stock market retreat June 8-10, 2013 in Santa Monica.
Join an intimate group over three days at Natalie's last West coast investor retreat of the year. 

These boardroom retreats are limited to 12 attendees. 
Call 310-430-2397 to register NOW! Use promo code ASIANUSA for a special bonus from Natalie Pace. Download her free (for limited time) ebook at The ABCs of Money. She has included links to her latest discussions about the market and you can find more at

NATALIE PACE - ABCS OF MONEY - 2013-05-26 at 3.59.13 PM


Natalie Pace has been transforming lives and educating people in real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, hard assets and more for over a decade. You won't be pushed into buying stocks and bonds from her because she's an educator and not a stock broker on commission. Her teachings will help empower you. 

Concerned about your future? Is your nest egg riding the Wall Street Rollercoaster? Worried about inflation, or bonds, or a debt downgrade or whether gold is a good buy at today's prices? Replace fear, worry, doubt and systems that failed you with wisdom, valuable information and a rock-solid plan. And just in time to capture your gains and get safe before more financial storms and the 2013 Hurricane Season.

What You Will Learn 

In just three intensive, but fun and empowering days, you will learn and master: 

  • Easy as a pie chart nest egg strategy that works in bull and bear markets.
  • 3-ingredient recipe for cooking up profits in gold, real estate, stocks, bonds & more.
  • What's Safe & How to Get Safe.
  • Maximizing gains through rebalancing and limit orders.
  • Debt Reduction Strategies that work exponentially faster than any other fix.
  • How to protect your assets from debt collectors and other financial predators.
  • How to earn 30+% more in your stock portfolio instantly.
  • The Hottest Assets and Funds for 2013 and beyond.
  • How to get safe from the bailouts and other investment sinkholes.
  • Trading Tips for Turbulent Times.
  • How to profit by putting your money where your heart is.
  • How to be the architect of your dream life and hire Dream Come True Financial Partners.
  • Great gains while you sleep.
  • Low Maintenance Hard Assets that pay off (the best place to get safe!)
  • 1-3 times a year rebalancing on auto-pilot, using limit orders.
  • Top Investing Mistakes.
  • The Thrive Budget (instead of the Buried Alive in Bills/Struggling to Survive Plan)

Your investment returns, more than your salary, are what create financial freedom.
If you invest 10% of your income and that achieves a 10% return (what stocks and bonds have done for the past 30 years),
then you'll have more money than you earn in 7 years and your money will make more than you do in 25 years.
Start with your first job and you'll retire before 45!


" College students need this information before they get their first credit card. Young adults need it before they buy their first home.

Empty nesters can use the information to downsize to a sustainable lifestyle, before they get into trouble," Joe Moglia, Chairman, TD AMERITRADE.

"Many people, including educated men and women, often get into trouble when they neglect to follow
simple and fundamental rules of the type provided [by Natalie]. This is why I recommend it with enthusiasm." Dr. Gary S. Becker, November, 2007.
Dr. Becker won the 1992 Nobel Prize in economics. University Professor, Department of Economics and Sociology and
Professor, Graduate School of Business, The University of Chicago.

"Provides almost fool proof methods for growing wealth over the long haul." Success magazine.

"After your Nov. 2011 retreat we took da plunge buying Trinasolar & sold it making close to 40% in 6 weeks. Now for our next adventure," Bill and Nilo Bolden.

"I learned more at this retreat in three days than I learned at all of the countless investing retreats that I have attended in the past, combined," Laura.

"Since I met Natalie last Oct., at a work event, I've had a staggering year. Thank you and best wishes to you and your staff." Investment Consultant (male) for a major brokerage.

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